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Air Heart 

Shoulder Stand AH.jpeg

Written & Performed By

Mara Neimanis 

This dynamic and innovative one woman performance channels Ameila Earhart, aviator, adventurer and feminist icon, on the ground and in the air, in a highly physical exploration of her rise and mysterious disappearance


"Neimanis makes the impossible look supremely easy as she uses her muscular grace to emphasize the aviator's unblinking courage, her madness for flight, and her accomplishments on the ground advocating for women's right."
                                                                   - The Washington Post


November 30th - December 10th 


The Flexible Theatre at Buffalo State University

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Caravaggio Eclipsing

Created / Devised

The revolutionary Baroque painter, Caravaggio, was the bad-boy of his time, both famous and infamous. While he spectacularly re-imagined the contrasts between light and dark in his work, he never stopped wrestling the shadows in himself.

Fall 2024

The Flexible Theatre at Buffalo State University

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